Christmas Tree Recycling in Dublin 15

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mellenium Park is now the only location for Christmas Tree Disposal in Dublin 15 Area. The Park is open between 10am and 5pm. I have asked for the opening hours to be extended so that trees can be left there later in the evenings. The Park will be open this Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th January until 8pm.

"Following representations from the Elected members for Castleknock Mulhuddart on behalf of local residents a commitment was given that the Councils arrangements for the collection and recycling of Christmas Trees would be reviewed for January 2013.

This review took into account the previous collection locations around Dublin 15 including Carpenterstown, Littlepace, Corduff, Auburn Avenue and Millennium Park.

There have been complaints from local residents in relation to all of the locations with the exception of Millennium Park. These complaints have mainly centered around large numbers of trees being deposited at these sites and which have been set on fire destroying the material to be recycled, and causing concern and distress to residents living adjacent to the locations. These fires have also caused units of the Dublin Fire Brigade to be called out and have damaged the open spaces and adjacent planted areas. It is unfortunate that this vandalism has taken place at these locations as they were all carefully chosen to facilitate local residents in convenient proximity to their homes.

In light of the review and the continuing levels of vandalism the Council has regrettably decided to no longer accept Christmas Trees at Carpenterstown, Littlepace, Corduff or Auburn Avenue. Citizens who wish to bring their Christmas Trees to be recycled during January 2013 will now be required to bring the tree directly to the Millennium Park in Blanchardstown during Park opening hours. The trees deposited will be shredded in the Park to facilitate recycling, and arrangements will be made at peak times to ensure that there is no large accumulation of material.

It is intended to publicise these revised arrangements during December and January, and to provide signage in all locations directing people to the Millennium Park. It should be noted that the Litter Wardens will be monitoring all sites with a view to ensuring that these arrangements are adhered to and that there is no unauthorised depositing of material.

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