Malahide Water Supply Restrictions

Monday, May 30, 2011

Due to high demand, the water level in Malahide Reservoir is very low. Consequently it is necessary that the following measures be taken tonight to assist the recovery of the Reservoir.

Grand Hotel to Robswall along the Coast Road:

Water supply to this area will be turned off at 8pm tonight and will be back on at 7.30am tomorrow morning.

Estates that will be affected include: The Golf Links, The Moorings, Island View, Muldowney Court, Lambay Court, Biscayne, Robswall and Seapark. Some other Estates bordering this area may also be affected.

Malahide Village & Surrounds:

Water supply to this area will be throttled from 8pm to 8am. This will result in low pressure and possible loss of water especially in higher areas.

Naul Area & vicinities around Nags Head Crossroads: Due to low level water supply at Hollywood Reservoir water will be switched off from 9pm tonight until 7am tomorrow morning. When water is turned back on tomorrow morning, high level areas will take longer for water to be restored as it takes time for pressure to build back up in the Network.

Areas affected: Naul Village, Hynestown, Curragh West, Malahow, Damastown, Fanning’s Wall, Spring Hill, Rath Great & Rath Little, Kitchenstown, Lecklinstown, Hollywood Little, Gerardstown, Clonswords and Westown.

Consumers are asked not to stockpile water (i.e. filling of baths, large containers, etc.) during this period as to do so, prevents the recovery of the Reservoirs.

Please Note the following message has been posted on the website and Aertel

General Fingal Area: The weather forecast for the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend is promised very good. Consequently there may be a higher than usual demand for water. Consumers are reminded that drinking water (i.e. treated water) is a finite resource and are asked to adopt the good neighbour approach and conserve water as much as possible.


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