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Extract from County Council meeting 25 October 2001

It was proposed by Councillor S. Terry, seconded by Councillor G. Lynam: -
"That this Committee recommends that the Manager should report on the impact of the one way system on the portion of Clonsilla Road from the junction at Blanchardstown Road South to the "Fire Station" road"

The following report by the Manager was READ: -

"The Roads and Traffic Committee at its meeting held on 22nd November 1999 was informed that the detailed design for the Blanchardstown Quality Bus Corridor and Cycle Route had been completed by the Councils Consultants and that the contract for the works was awarded to South Midland Construction Limited. The Committee was also informed that following evaluation of the detailed design proposals and further consultations with the Dublin Transportation Office, Dublin Bus and An Garda Siochana that the Councils Consultants were asked to consider additional bus priority and traffic calming measures in a number of areas. The areas examined included the location referred to in the Motion. The provision of traffic calming measures (one-way system westwards) on Clonsilla Road from its junction at Porters Road to the roundabout at the junction of Clonsilla Road and Blanchardstown Road South was recommended.

The Roads and Traffic Committee resolved: -
That the proposals be put on public display as part of the public consultation process.

The plans and particulars of the proposals were available for inspection from Tuesday, 30th November 1999 to Tuesday 21st December 1999 at the Councils Offices at 46/49 Upper OConnell Street, Dublin 1, the Blanchardstown Public Library, Roselawn Shopping Centre and the Council Offices at Main Street, Blanchardstown. Representations were invited to be made in writing to the County Council by 7th January 2000.

A report on the representations received, including the representations received in relation to the proposed one-way system at Clonsilla Road was submitted to the Roads and Traffic Committee at its meeting held on 24th January 2000. The Councils response to representations in relation to the proposed one-way system indicated that the proposals will lead to an improved environment for residents and that the alternative routes are acceptable.

The Committee adopted and approved the report and the one-way system was brought into operation at the beginning of September of this year.

The introduction of the one-way system has achieved the objective of a reduction in traffic volumes using Blanchardstown Main Street and Clonsilla Road.

In the initial stages the new traffic layout gave rise to complaints from commuters at peak times. The level of complaint has considerably reduced over recent weeks. However it is proposed to continue to monitor the operation of the one-way system and to effect any necessary further improvements."

Following discussion, the Committee NOTED the foregoing report.

The Committee also requested that consideration be given to the following matters: -

1. Provision of right turning lane from Clonsilla Road onto Shelerin Road;
2. Operation of right turning lane from Clonsilla Road onto Coolmine Road;
3. Traffic Management at the junction of Blanchardstown Road South/Link Road to Snugborough Road Extension including operation of traffic signals at this location.


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