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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IT costs the council around a quarter of a million euro a year to control dogs in the county with the provision of two dog wardens and the operation of dog pound facility. The figure emerged in response to a question from Cllr Kieran Dennison (FG), at a meeting of the full council. The council revealed that some 3,759 dog licences were issued in 2009, netting some € 32,462 for the local authority. Some 304 fines were issued under the Control of Dogs Act in 2009 and netted a further € 9,845 for the local authority.


Council aquires schools site for Tyrrelstown

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The acquisition of a permanent school site for Tyrrelstown should be completed by Wednesday January 20th according to Fingal County Council officials. They were responding to a question I had put at this weeks local area meeting of the council.

“All legal requirements to complete the purchase of the school site at Tyrrelstown on behalf of the Department of Education and Science have been met by Fingal County Council.”

“Assuming that all requirements are met on the part of the vendor and that all documents and paperwork required of the vendor are in order, we are scheduled to complete the purchase of this land on Wednesday, January 20.”

The council must now transfer the site to the Department and fast track planning permission so that the schools can be built in time for next September. A community/sports centre will be built in conjunction with the school.

The welcome news marks the end of a long-running and frustrating battle between the landowner the council and the Department of Education.  Let’s hope this is the end of the Tyrrelstown Schools saga.  We’ve been told so many times before that the deal was nearing completion only for talks to collapse yet again.  At many stages over the last 18 months or so it felt like things were moving backward rather than forward.


Fingal County Council sending out water tankers to provide emergency water supplies

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reservoirs are filling up but not fast enough for D 15 areas see new message from Water Services below

Water pressure will be reduced in all areas in the coming days, from 10pm each night until 6am the following morning to allow reservoirs to fill.
Tankers and standpipes will provide emergency water supplies today from 10am to 4pm or while demand exists at the following locations:

Lanesborough Estate, Dublin 11 - Tanker
Garristown Inn - Standpipe
Howth Summit - Tanker

Unexpected local problems with bursts, airlocks or pumps may mean that some areas do not get a water supply back at the time estimated here.
Garristown/Oldtown area - Garristown Village should have water. Wider area still affected by a burst watermain
Lanesborough/Melville - This area gets water from Dublin City where water levels are still critical.  The City will provide an intermittent supply to this area from Friday 15th onwards. All available supply should be conserved. A tanker will be provided in this area as long as there is disruption to this supply.
High areas of Howth - Reservoirs filling slowly in this area. Howth summit should have water by today.
Continuing water conservation in the coming days is the key to allowing our reservoirs to refill and to restore a water supply across Fingal.  The Council will have to continue to restrict water supply at night throughout the weekend and into next week.
Regular updates will be posted to our Website, Aertel P624 and Twitter as soon as they are available.


Dublin runs low on water

Monday, January 11, 2010

Water pressure has had to be reduced today and for the forseeable future as levels in the reservoirs get dangerously low. The main reason is that people have been leaving their taps running during the cold snap in order to prevent pipes freezing. While the treatment plants are operating at record capacity they simply cannot keep up with demand.

The Water network is not like an electrical grid where supply can be switched around. For technical reasons the supply cannot be turned off and on as some pressure must be maintained in the system. Unfortunately reduced pressure means that some areas at higher elevations receive no supply at all.  See the Councils press release.

Fingal County Council Water Supplies Critical - 7pm Monday 11th January
- Throttling restrictions must continue
- Public supply not cut off
- Some residents without water due to low pressure
As a result of record breaking peaks in water usage across Dublin in recent days, reservoirs in the Fingal County Council area are at a critically low level. In order to recharge water storage and return to normal supply levels, Council Engineers are currently “throttling” water supplies across the whole county. Throttling means reducing the volume of water going into the network from the reservoir.  


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