McWilliams excuse not credible

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shane Ross must feel a little like Lord Cardigan at Balaclava this morning. After galloping down into the electoral valley of death he looks back now to see his Lord Lucan, David McWilliams, halted at the entrance with the heavy brigade and a fairly lame excuse.

Speaking yesterday on the highly influential Ray D’Arcy Show, McWilliams said he would not after all be running in the General Election. 

He said he would make a “really bad politician” because politicians in Ireland had to be “fixers” in their constituencies. Because of the way the Dáil was run, they ended up letting down the people who wanted things fixed and the people who were looking for “the big ideas”. 

McWilliams has been touring talk shows and village theatres for the last year preaching how we must change all this. That TD’s should leave the potholes and broken pavements to the councilors and only do “the big ideas.”  Even better, if they served only one Dail term they would not have to spend time fixing things in order to be reelected.

As Shane plunges yet again towards the electoral guns he must be desperately trying to figure out the real reason why David has deserted him. The battlefield is a real test of character and conviction. Shane may not survive being “stormed at by shot and shell” but at least he will be among “they that have fought so well”.

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