Cherryhound Local Area Plan - Opportunities for Employment

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Local Area Plan lands comprise 240 hectares (593 acres) and are zoned ‘GE’ – General Employment in the Fingal Development Plan 2011-2017 where the objective is to - ‘provide opportunities for general enterprise and employment’.

The New M2M3 Link Road with lands Zoned General Enterprise
The lands are situated north of the built-up area of Blanchardstown  The Fingal Development Plan 2011-2017 includes a specific objective to undertake a statutory Local Area Plan for the lands. The Local Area Plan is a legal document and a public statement of planning policies and objectives for the future development of the area.

In line with National, Regional and County Guidelines and Plans the purpose of this Local Area Plan is to set out the form, scale and nature of development and supporting infrastructure that will enable the delivery of opportunities for general enterprise and employment.

The Cherryhound lands are located in the North Blanchardstown Employment Catchment Area. The vast majority of this area is zoned for business and industrial uses in the Fingal Development Plan 2011-2017. 

North Blanchardstown is at a pivotal location in the regional context, being in close proximity to Dublin City (12km), Dublin Port (19km) and Dublin Airport (14km). The entire area is within the Dublin Metropolitan Area as designated by the Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area 2010-22. Map No 1 illustrates the strategic location of the area.

The purpose of the LAP is to:
1. Promote the lands for the development of general enterprise opportunities and employment

2. Detail a development framework strategy for the lands which will:
  • Programme the delivery of support infrastructure to enable the development of a mixed-use
  • area creating significant employment
  • Promote bio-diversity in the provision of parks, recreational open space and the landscape
  • character
  • Promote Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and water management
  • Promote a high standard of design for commercial & industrial uses
  • Conserve/integrate archaeological heritage
  • Reinvent the quarry for possible future recreation/leisure use
Details of the Cherryhound LAP are here.

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