Prime Ministers pay - how they compare

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowan (salary €310,000; pop 4.1m)
US President Barack Obama (salary €279,000; pop 301.1m)
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (salary €268,000; pop 60.5m)
Norwegian PM (salary €122,000; pop 4.7m)
Belgian PM (salary €192,000; pop 10.5m)
Australian PM (salary €210,000; pop 20.4m)
Dutch PM (salary €123,000; pop 16.5m) 
Slovakian PM (salary €39,000; pop 5.4m)
French PM (salary €240,000; pop 64.1m)
German PM (salary €261,000; pop 82.3m)
Polish PM (salary €49,500; pop 38.5m)

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