Aldi Development Rejected

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The planning appeal for an Aldi Store on the Clonsilla Road, has been turned down by An Board Pleanála (ABP). Last October Fingal Council planners rejected the Aldi Store, 4 shops, 238 car park spaces and 60 three and four storey apartments on the 3.5ac. site. Fine Gael opposed the development as did many who attended our public meeting on the proposal. In its decision the Bord cited Aldi’s failure to meet the objectives of the Councils Clonsilla Urban Strategy, its lack of integration with adjoining areas and possibly setting a precedent for similar disorderly development in this centrally located site. Aldi are reported to have paid over €11 million for this site so it’s likely that they will return with a new scheme.

On a previous mailing I alerted you to a Planning Application for a 280 vehicle Temporary Park and Ride Facility behind the Funeral Home and Filling Station. This has also been rejected by the council planners as an invalid application. Your local Fine Gael Team will keep you updated on these and other planning matters as they arise.


New Secondary School Sanctioned

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Minister for Education has also confirmed that a new secondary school to serve the Castleknock and Clonsilla areas will open in September 2009. Details are not yet available. It will be a community college operated by Dublin County VEC (just like Castleknock Community College). The school’s permanent home will be in Porterstown/Kellystown. In June, the council designated this land for a reserved school site.

One of the reasons Fine Gael supported the controversial rezoning was because there was no land locally for these badly needed schools. The Socialists, Labour and the Greens voted against so I expect to hear them furiously welcoming this news and desperately trying get back onside with the local community.


Hunters Run/Pace Avenue /Pheasant Run Car Park

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Information Evening Upstairs in the Paddocks from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Wednesday 29th October.

Fingal County Council has produced a draft proposal for the open space at Littlepace Park . The proposal will divide the green with a car park to accommodate some 95 vehicles to be accessed via The Park, Hunters Run. New football fields are to be provided along with ancillary footpaths and railings. There will be more detailed maps at our information evening so please feel free to come along and air your views on this and any other issues you may have.


Clonsilla Urban Strategy Report

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Information evening Upstairs in the Clonsilla Inn on Tuesday October 21st from 7.30pm.

Fingal County Council has published their Clonsilla Urban Strategy - a blueprint for the future development of Clonsilla Village and Environs. Some 50 submissions were made by individuals and organizations including Fine Gael. The report along with associated maps and drawings can be seen at our information evening.

In general the Strategy Report has been welcomed. It requires that development is low-rise in keeping with the current village’s character. There is a link up with the canal and Kellystown via the new village centre which will ‘make the village’ if done properly. Of particular interest to residents will be the 5 major development sites the Council identifies in the village.

There are also some outstanding issues which are not addressed for example there is no mention is made of St Mochta’s school with a view to redevelop it and to provide a recreation centre alongside it.

The small school site beside St. Mary’s Church is not included but will be needed if there is to be more housing in the area.

The Lynam site at the Link Road opposite the filling station is not included. This has been the subject a number of planning applications and it's only a matter of time before an other application is submitted. It should be central to any strategy that seeks to preserve the unique character of this end of Clonsilla

The development objective (and also of Kellystown) of replacing the level crossing with a new bridge is not mentioned. Any further development in the village will have to address this issue first.


Dublin Bus changes to Clonee/Ongar Routes

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dublin Bus is considering changes to bus routes in the Clonee/Ongar area. These include a new peak-period direct bus from Ongar (the 139), re-routing all 70 buses to serve Littlepace and then travel directly to town along the N3. An inbound bus lane along the N3 from Clonee to Blanchardstown has been agreed by the council. The council is also due to decide shortly on plans for bus lanes along the Blakestown Way which if approved may reopen the prospect of the Bus Gate to Huntstown Wood via Bramblefield. Fine Gael is opposed to this.

Dunboyne Rail Spur: Progress is being made on the Dunboyne rail spur which is expected to open in 2010. Stations will be located at Pace (near Dunboyne where there will be a large park ‘n’ride), Dunboyne and Hansfield to the south of Ongar. These trains will run to Docklands. Planning has already been submitted for the Hansfield Station. Detailed drawings, etc. can be accessed, at (ref no F08A/0518)


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